Concrete Resurfacing

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Before concrete resurfacing
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Concrete Resurfacing Specialists (CRS) specialise in the creation of a unique personal difference to the surface of standard, but structurally sound concrete, giving it new life.

Concrete Resurfacing Specialists have been operating in the Auckland province since August 2004 with a well recognised and proven international product range. The products have been used in New Zealand for over 12 years by concrete resurfacing specialists.

The products are high quality and come with a written warranty described in our terms and conditions, provided at the time of the quote.

The products are perfect for indoor floors, driveways, patios, paths, pool surrounds and many more concrete applications and high traffic environments.

The concrete resurfacing product range includes non toxic and non hazardous applications

Concrete Resurfacing Specialists provide services for the surfacing of Tennis Courts, non skid surfaces, dairy farm shed floors and wall coatings, swimming pool coatings, both inner and slip resistant surroundings along with other assorted concrete surfaces.

You can now have the look, texture or colour you prefer, including durable glossy, hygienic easy to clean coatings or a slip resistant textured surface in various styles. Visual presentation includes tiles, inlaid bricks or something truly unique and personal which reflects your taste such as a chess board, compass, stars or other design using our 26 colour product.

Based in Hamilton, Concrete Resurfacing Specialists operates in the Waikato area, extending services to Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.

Concrete Resurfacing Specialists offers a free quoting service within a 30km radius of base, charging a per km fee after that. The quoting fee is deducted off the quoted price when Concrete Resurfacing Specialists is engaged and a 20% deposit is paid.

Typically work is seasonal and dependent on weather, however specialised work can be carried out during off-peak periods for work in dairy farm sheds and other indoor surfaces. Other work such as concrete cleaning, moss treatment and concrete sealing can be carried out at any time.

Any time is a good time to maintain your concrete. Concrete Resurfacing Specialists treats against dusting, water migration, efflorescence and the possibility of hairline cracks with a deep penetrating organic based sealer.

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