Resurfacing Concrete

 Now: Prev: Before concrete resurfacing
Before concrete resurfacing
 Now: Prev: After concrete resurfacing
After concrete resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing can be applied to driveways, paths and patios as well as other concrete surfaces.

Concrete resurfacing is carried out on a structurally sound base by first `preparing´ the concrete. This consists of spraying when necessary to kill moss and mold, diamond grinding or soda blasting to eliminate a weathered surface, water blasting or possible sealing with a non hazardous water repellent. Specialised cement coatings can then be applied.

You the client would by now have chosen a pattern or design and selected colours from the available 28 natural colours. Concrete Resurfacing Specialist can provide guidance with any part of this process.

Generally three layers of cement are applied at approximately 1mm for each layer.