Sealing Concrete

Concrete Resurfacing Specialists (CRS) seal any cementous product, ie. Fibre cement sheeting, concrete block work, concrete and concrete pre-cast slabs.

Concrete Resurfacing Specialists natureseal 101 is deep penetrating and stops concrete dusting, stops algae and bacteria growth, waterproofs, prevents radon gas transmission, stops efflorescence, resists many acids and oils, reduces new concrete cracking, increases flexural and compressive strength and allows for low maintenance cleaning.

Concrete Resurfacing Specialists natureseal 101 should be applied to all external and internal concrete surfaces before painting or applying any stick on surfaces. This is especially true for new block or concrete work whether it be home, cowshed, workshop or commercial premise.

This will prevent damp migration penetrating from behind the finished product and `popping´ or as we call it hydraulicing the coating off.